Frequently Asked Questions

What type of industries use Coworking Space?

Various industries are working in a Coworking Space that includes: accountants, recruiters, architects, attorneys, programmers, web developers, graphic designers, remote workers, and more. We also have creatives such as authors, promotional speakers, and marketers. You will see a wide variety of entrepreneurs and freelancers here.

Do you have enough outlets available?

We have plenty of electricals and data outlets available for every desk and throughout the entire office space.

Do you have communal seating?

Our offices have a few types of settings available. We have a layout with a flexible desk seating arrangement. These are also an individual desk for those that work the best. In public space, there is no assigned seating; you can choose whenever you like to sit every time you come in.

Where can I keep and heat my lunch?

There are refrigerators and microwaves both to keep and heat your food. So feel free to ring your snacks and meal.

Access to coffee, tea, and water

We offer our members access to a full kitchenette that includes a delicious selection of free coffee and teas along with filtered water.